So I took another shot at Windows 10 update on my Dell Studio laptop. Again I ran into the same memory_management bugcheck and after the first bugcheck I logged on as administrator and simply let the system sit. A while later I came back and the system was sitting at the BIOS prompt after another […]

Windows 10 – Upgrade or Not?

I just updated an HP desktop system from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Fairly smooth although there was a minor glitch during the upgrade. The system hung at 32% complete and 6% into the driver update stage. I forced the system down (press and hold power) and googled for the problem. The best […]

Heroin Epidemic Forum

Last night Pat and I attended a forum that was essentially a call to action for the City of Manchester to try to come to grips with the current heroin epidemic which is not only sweeping the city but more or less all of New England and beyond. Mayor Gatsas and our new chief of […]

My Recommendation For Laptops

I often am asked to recommend a new laptop. For reasons of security and cost I now almost always recommend Chromebooks. From a security point of view, Chromebooks are much better protected than either Windows PCs or Macbooks. Chromebook users by default do not have administrative privileges. The Chrome browser installed on Chromebooks is fast […]

Alex’s World!

This is the blog of Alex Hewitt. I have recently retired from a career in computer related positions. This blog is a series of entries on things that interest me.